6 Days Safari & Beach Golf

A combination of Golfing, Safari and Beach will leave lasting memories. The package features a stay conveniently located to a golf course with various acti vities ranging from a balloon safari, day and night game drives or relaxing at the white sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast.

Great choice to play in while enjoying the rivers, fauna, numerous bird species and game combined with favorable safari options at the beach.

Day 1

Today you will be transferred from your Hotel to the airstrip at 1400 hours for your flight to Masai Mara departing at 1510.


Kenya Marathon Training Safaris


East African runners have dominated distance running events for over 5 decades. Some explanations have been advanced to explain why such a small population has dominated distance running events over time. Suggested reasons include among others, a genetic predisposition, diet living at high altitude as well as socio-cultural background.

The continued excellence of East African athletes in distance running events continues to produce a lot of debate and interest across the globe. In fact, there has been an overabundance of opinions and theories aimed at explaining the phenomenal athletic prowess of the 'East African running machine.


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